Free To Be Me Workshops


  • Informative and fun empowerment workshops that are dedicated to inspiring and guiding girls ages 9-16 . Most workshops are one and one-half hours. They are designed to help girls develop the knowledge, confidence, skills, and courage they need to become confident independent young women. Through, discussion, writing, theatre, games, art, dance, guest speakers and a variety of other activities, participants will be guided to develop tools to successfully reach her own unique and highest potential.


  • Book a workshop at your school, girls organization, group home or church.


Free To Be Me Workshops Descriptions


  • Me, Myself & I This workshop is designed to equip girls with the proper tools to become self-aware and self-sufficient. There is nothing more powerful than a young lady who values her self-worth. We will empower the girls by focusing on goal setting, journaling, recognizing and dealing with depression, mother/daughter relationships, and how to effectively deal with peer pressure.


  • Fitness 2 Fashion This workshop is designed to promote positive health and fitness choices by teaching the importance of exercise, nutrition, and wellness education. From balanced diets to weight loss, participants of all fitness levels will be challenged and motivated to develop proper exercise routines and healthy nutritional habits.


  • Mommy & Me Tea This workshop is designed to give mothers and daughters an opportunity to discuss important issues such as body image, hygiene, puberty and relationships while enjoying a tea party.


  • Beauty is Only Skin Deep This workshop explore the issues with girls on skin color and complexion. It helps girls build self-confidence in loving their skin.


  • Cyber Girls This workshop is designed to prevent victimization of girls via the internet, prevent criminal involvement of children via the Internet, and educate girls in the use of computers, the Internet, and computer ethics.


  • Being the Girl I was Designed To Be This workshop teaches girls how to identify their gifts and talents and help them to use those gifts to become the person they want to be. In this workshop, girls create vision boards, write goals and get strategies for accomplishing their goals.


  • 2 Cute 2 Fight This workshop teaches girls strategies for dealing with anger management and ways to avoid conflict in school and community.


  • From Cents to Dollars This workshop is designed to teach girls how to recognize money making opportunities and how to start a youth operated business. The workshop is designed to motivate students to pursue further study, exploration and consideration of entrepreneurship. The workshop develops skills in negotiation, problem solving, time management, record keeping, and sales.


  • Let’s Talk About Sex This workshop combines sex education with general health issues. It advocates postponing all sexual activity until marriage and emphasize the social, emotional, and health benefits that can be gained from abstinence.


  • Second Chance Virgin This workshop helps girls who have been sexually active recommit to being a second chance virgins by building self-esteem and designing goals and activities that will encourage them to make healthier choices.


  • I’m A Teen Mom, Now What? Teen moms face many unique challenges. This workshop discusses everything from labor and birth, work and school, your relationship with the baby’s father, how to deal with family and friends and how to continue to reach goals and accomplishments in spite of being a teen mom.


  • It Wasn’t My Fault This workshop is designed to help build girls’ self-esteem and self-confidence after dealing with molestation or rape. This workshop is designed to help girls learn who they are, overcome what happened to them and explore the exciting and fun ways to create their own image and become successful in life.


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