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Atlanta Dreams Games

Do you want to donate to help young girls, but also get something in return? Social Butterflies is now hosting a charitable event in the name of thousands of young girls, that you can attend! Atlanta Dream supports Social Butterflies, and you could too, by purchasing discounted tickets to one of their games throughout the season! Help young girls, while also getting some entertainment for your good deed! By purchasing any of their basketball tickets, you will support our organization and be the hero of thousands of young girls. You will help empower, motivate and inspire young women everywhere with just a few dollars! The cost of a ticket? Between $14 and $42. Helping girls? Priceless! You can help just by watching a game of basketball, it’s never been this easy to contribute! You can get so much human value just by purchasing one single ticket and helping our organization. You can get discounted tickets by using our promo code, SBI2014. Watch the game and contribute to charity, and help young girls worldwide. These girls need some heroes to buy tickets, are you one of them? Don’t delay, get your discounted ticket here while they’re still available!

Mixed Bags

Hi Social Butterflies Youth Services, Inc. Friends and Family! Ready to do some guilt-free shopping for a great cause? Mixed Bag Designs is helping Social Butterflies Youth Services, Inc. reach our fundraising goals with easy online shopping! Anyone can support us – all they have to do is click here to shop at and use our ID# 275343 and referring seller’s name to give us 40% of the purchase! Mixed Bag Designs has tons of products for everyone in the family including reusable grocery bags, travel totes, shopping bags and more! Go to the and start shopping! Every purchase helps us!

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